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October is finally here, and that means Fall is in full swing! In my mind, Fall is definitely the best of the four seasons in Central Illinois. Changing colors, bonfires, sweatshirts and football – it really doesn’t get any better! While we experience some awesome perks of Fall right here at home, these three easy getaways offer so much more Fall beauty – take a much deserved break from your job and enjoy!


1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

This is, by far, the most beautiful place I have ever visited in the Fall months! Not only does Gatlinburg offer incredible views of the changing leaves in the Smoky Mountains, but it also has plenty to do. From shows to amusement parks and hiking to ziplining, there is something for everyone! Plus, with hundreds of cabins for rent, you can stay right in thick of the scenery. If you’re able to make it down to Gatlinburg this Fall, you’ve got to check out CLIMB Works Canopy. This place is an amazing adventure! CLIMB Works offers an unmatched experience with awesome guides and lots of fun. With 9 ziplines zig-zagging through the Smoky Mountains, you will experience breath-taking views while having the time of your life! This is perfect for a long weekend getaway or a week of adventure!


Check out these breath-taking pictures from a CLIMB Works Canopy tour in the Fall:


2. Branson, Missouri

Close behind the Smoky Mountains is this quaint city full of activities. Located in the Ozark Mountains, you can hardly beat this getaway destination. Branson offers so much to visitors, including outstanding Fall foliage. Nestled in the mountains, Branson scenery is difficult to match. Branson is also an incredibly family-friendly place to visit. Many of the attractions are geared toward families, including my favorite, Silver Dollar City! This amusement park is home to several rides for the thrill seekers, attractions for the little ones and fascinating shows for the less adventurous. There are few things more exhilarating than riding the “Wildfire” in the crisp autumn air! Check out Branson for your next fall getaway!


Branson becomes engulfed in beautiful Fall colors, as seen in these pictures of Silver Dollar City:

Incredible Fall foliage behind the Wildfire at Silver Dollar City Streets of Silver Dollar City engulfed in Fall colors


3. Harrisburg, Illinois

Most people known of the Smoky Mountains and many have probably heard of Branson, but did you know we have mind-blowing beauty right here in Illinois? And no, I’m not talking about cornfields. Head to Harrisburg, Illinois in the southernmost part of the state, and get ready to be stunned! Serving as a gateway to Shawnee National Forest and Garden of the Gods, this little town often goes unnoticed. With hiking trails galore, this is a Fall getaway destination perfect for almost anyone. If you love being outdoors or seeing autumn leaves straight out of a picture, you have got to visit this beautiful natural wonder!


Look at these incredible pictures of Shawnee National Forest and Garden of the Gods in the fall:

Shawnee National Forest after being taken over by Autumn Fall color in Garden of the Gods. Photo by Grover Webb


Take some time this Fall season to enjoy the cool down and take in the natural beauty around you. Autumn is a season of change, and the change is gorgeous. Don’t miss it!


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